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iPhone XI: a new stunning concept is revealed on video!


Posted: April 12, 2019
Updated: April 11, 2019

by Steve

Everyone is waiting for theiPhone XI. The one that should come out in September 2019 fascinates the crowds. So much so that many 3D designers and creators imagine its design and functionality. A way to get your hands on video modeling tools, but also a way to make yourself known. And it must be said that the concepts presented, that World is Small systematically highlights, prove to be impressive realism.

This is also the case for this rendering of Gunho lee, already known for its other iPhone concepts. Here he returns to the front of the stage with a new iPhone XR. Gunho has taken several features from the latest iPad Pro of 2018 and adapted them to what he imagines to be the brand’s next apple phone. According to him, the iPhone XI would include the USB-C port in particular. You might as well not spoil yourself: the 2019 iPhone should keep its Lightning port. But it’s good to believe it!

Gunho Lee integrates an A13 processor, a PowerDrop function to charge a wireless device, and the AirBattery, a portable battery, into his iPhone XI. Among the other new features, we can note:

Split View: display of two apps at once like on the iPad The return of Touch ID with a sensor placed under the screen so no physical button An improved version of Face ID capable of detecting multiple faces in all directions Compatible with true immersion in the waterDark modeNew design for several applications

In short, the picture is complete! But somewhat unrealistic…