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iPhone XI: a diagram confirms the triple photo sensor

September is approaching and with it the annual keynote of the apple brand. IPhone 2019, or iPhone XI, it depends, should land at the end of the year. And as much to tell you that if it will not be as revolutionary as the iPhone X, it is certain that the iPhone XI is eagerly awaited by the aficionados of the Cupertino company. Several rumors have for example advanced that the iPhone of the end of the year should have a triple photo sensor, at least for the most high-end model. Rumors which tend to be confirmed for a few days.

Leaked Schema iPhone 2019 - iPhone XI: a schema confirms the triple photo sensor

This triple photo sensor should, according to various sources, adopt a square format. Contrary to all that is currently being done (the Samsung galaxy for example have a vertical row of sensors). It is a diagram published on Weibo, the Chinese Facebook, which seems to confirm the trend.

The upper left corner shows three round holes which form a triangle if they are connected together. The square shape should therefore be adopted. Still rumored, only the most expensive iPhone should offer a triple photo sensor. As in 2018, where the iPhone XR had only one back device, while the iPhone XS and XS Max had two. We will therefore await confirmation during the September keynote.

iphone xi triple sensor prototype - iPhone XI: a diagram confirms the triple photo sensor