iPhone XI 2019: a Night Vision mode that invites itself?

iPhone XI 2019: a Night Vision mode that invites itself?

iphone xi iphone 11 iconWith the latest presentation of Google's new phones, the Pixel 3, we discovered a sublime mode called "Night Vision". The latter allows, as the name suggests, to take very beautiful shots despite a very low presence of light …

The results are impressive and undoubtedly, the other manufacturers must be inspired by the mode, and could soon be the case of Apple and its future iPhone version 2019.

In any case, what the Youtubeur of the chain reveals EverythingApplePro, who happens, from time to time, to have information around the Apple.

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A "night vision" mode for the future iPhone 11

Apple is currently working, at an advanced stage, on a mode equivalent to that proposed by Google and its Pixel, and therefore a night mode without flash which would allow sublime photographs without real brightness around.

The mode would be automatic, taking into account the absence of surrounding light and so against Huawei and Samsung which have also developed a similar functionality.

According to the same rumors, Apple is testing its own mode on the iPhone XI version 2019, but remains to be seen if it will be developed … or if it will be necessary to wait for the 2020 model.