Apple to remove 3D Touch on 2019 iPhone XI

iPhone XI / 11: the end of 3D Touch is defined

iphone xi iphone 11 iconThe rumor takes on the appearance of certainty. After mentioning the abandonment of the 3D Touch announced by the WSJ in January and then a first confirmation by analysts in May, Digitimes also comments on it. For the often well-informed Asian site near production lines, the 2019 iPhone 11s would totally abandon 3D Touch technology. The information comes directly from the suppliers of the components used in 3D Touch …

3D Touch: arrived on the iPhone 6S, disappeared on the iPhone 11 / XI?

If the 3D Touch screens have arrived with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to allow fine management of the pressure and offer more advanced controls for apps and games, Apple has never managed to adopt its system. Confined to the radius of gadgets and shortcuts for the most experienced, 3D Touch would live its last hours. One thing confirms several times, already with the iPhone XR which is lacking and replaced by Haptic Touch, then the btas of iOS 13 which precisely offer Haptic Touch almost everywhere where 3D Touch worked: shortcuts of apps, peek & pop , settings in the control center, etc. We could suspect it from the point of view of the policy of Apple which never conceived an iPad compatible with the 3D Touch.

Even if Craig Federighi certified us that 3D Touch would come back in a future iOS 13 beta, Apple could delete it in iOS 14. The apple would thus gain in cost for its future iPhone XI.

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Finally, behind this information, Digitimes indicates that Apple is in discussion with the Chinese manufacturer BOE to supply OLED screens. For the moment, Samsung is the sole supplier of panels for iPhone X and XS.

One thing is certain, Apple will change things at the level of notches in the next generation of iPhone.