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iPhone XI / 11 Max: the first clone runs on Android

The iPhone 11 (XI) is shown in gold color

iphone xi iphone 11 iconAnd here is the first functional iPhone XI Max. At least the first clone.

Very well done, it is even declined in three colors in a video published on YouTube which gives us a demonstration of the device. The interface is fully copied to that of Apple (one exception), while the manufacturing quality of the device seems rather good.

iphone 11 gold color leak iphone xi

IPhone XI Max video

These iPhone XI Max are therefore very well made, and obviously have the famous triple photo sensor on the back. Quite discreet on the space gray model, the latter swears on the gold color.

For the rest, it's an iPhone XS Max that has very little changed. Difficult to say where this video and its iPhone come from, but it is clear that all the rumors pointing to a triple sensor are confirmed day after day. Let us hope that Apple keeps it underfoot for the presentation because having a third photo sensor will not allow spectacular sales in 2019/2029.

Going back to Android, have you picked up the signs? There are jerky animations but especially the keyboard typical of the Google system at a certain time.

To be patient, I invite you to reread our summary on the iPhone 11, which is due to be released in mid-September and which is already considered a forgotten model.