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iPhone XI / 11: a release on September 20, according to SoftBank

A summary of the new features on the iPhone 11 and iOS 13

iphone xi iphone 11 icon With the approach of the official presentation of the new Apple phones, declarations and rumors are increasing around technologies, components, but also the release date.

Besides, we took advantage of this weekend to talk about the possible marketing day of the long-awaited smartphone, predicting September 20 next.

This date seems to be more and more plausible, since even the president of SoftBank just pointed it out …

iphone xi iphone 11 max iphone 11r

Macotakara Miyauchi: iPhone 11 / XI will be released on September 20

Recently, a new law was passed in Japan, and will enter into force in the country as of October 1: it aims to separate the price of the phone and the price of the package, because high-end phones were included with subscriptions well too expensive.

Macotakara Miyauchi, president of SoftBank, was asked about the future operation of the group with the release of the next Apple phone:

Honestly, I wonder what I should do for 10 days. No, I shouldn't say a. Anyway, I don't know when the new iPhone will be released. However, almost after 10 days, it will be dissociated.

Because yes, according to the most serious rumors, the Apple keynote will take place on September 10, and if we follow the habits of Apple, they always market the device 10 days later … We had it also announced well before anyone else. In short, patience, the iPhone 11 Pro is coming.