iPhone X: the most ecological smartphone ever designed by Apple?

iphone x emissions gaz - iPhone X : le smartphone le plus écologique jamais conçu par Apple ?

We all know the interest Apple environmental protection. This can be seen very well through the environmental actions that the brand undertakes, but also in the way it designs its products. The American sailor today reaffirms his interest in “green” by revealing the ecological properties of his new iPhone X in a report posted on its site.

According to the Californian giant, it is the most ecological iPhone ever designed. Indeed, whether it is the choice of components, the method of manufacture or even recycling, the iPhone X has been manufactured to be the least polluting possible. Thus, unlike previous versions, the tenth anniversary iPhone would not contain beryllium, brominated flame retardants, mercury or polyvinyl chloride.

iphone x gas emissions - iPhone X: the most ecological smartphone ever designed by Apple?Even better, its chassis would be entirely designed in recyclable stainless steel and the battery would be devoid of cadmium. And that’s not all since the ecological qualities of this phone would also extend to the packaging, the screen protection film and throughout its life cycle.

Overall, we can say that the iPhone X was designed with a maximum of ecological materials. Its pollution rate has been considerably reduced compared to its predecessors. It remains only to see if this does not affect its performance and quality of use.