iPhone X: production launch in mid-October and limited stock?

iphone x ios 11 - iPhone X : lancement de la production mi-octobre et stock limité ?

Even before his presentation, he already whispered that the launch of theiPhone X encountered production concerns. We now learn that the mass production of the smartphone has not yet started, and that the available stocks are therefore quite limited at startup.

Christopher Caso recently looked at the tenth anniversary iPhone case. In his latest research note, analyst at the firm Raymond James Financial mentions serious problems with the production of the phone in question. Apple would conduct additional tests before launching large-scale production. At the moment, the factories are said to produce only 10,000 units per day. This figure should normally reach more than one hundred thousand.

iphone x ios 11 - iPhone X: production launch in mid-October and limited stock?These complications would be due to the transition to the OLED screen. The iPhone X will be the first apple brand smartphone to adopt this technology. The South Korean giant Samsung will be the main supplier of the tenth anniversary iPhone panels, but the particular shape of the phone screen would complicate production.

According to estimates by Christopher Caso, the iPhone X will not be assembled on a large scale until mid-October. This delay in production would therefore have the effect of limiting start-up stocks.