IPhone X “in the wild” show themselves in photos and video

iphone x prise en main fuite 1024x607 - Des iPhone X "dans la nature

Leaving theiPhone X should take place in November. A few days ago, two functional models of the premium phone fromApple were presented in photos and in a video. Initial reports suggest that these are employee-only test models.

Apple is celebrating 10 years of its range of smartphones this year. For this tenth anniversary, the apple brand will launch the iPhone X. The model was unveiled during the keynote on September 12. It is the first iPhone to use an OLED screen and abandon the Home button. The panel covers almost the entire surface of the front part, and a small notch then accommodates the speaker and the front camera.

A video originally shared on Reddit unveiled a lit iPhone X, with a dynamic wallpaper. The latter displays the date of October 6 on the lock screen. At the bottom, it says ” Confidential ” This is specific to all the test devices used by employees of the apple brand. Note that the iPhone on the video has a white color.

The photos, which also appeared on the social media site Reddit, show an iPhone X turned on in a black corridor. The images provide an overview of the handling of the phone.

iphone x grip 1024x607 - iPhone X