iPhone X Fold: the concept inspired by Samsung

iPhone X Fold: the concept inspired by Samsung

iPhoneAnd if Apple released an iPhone Fold, a foldable model like the Samsung Galaxy Fold? If patents have already been filed in this light, it will certainly be necessary to wait for Apple to release a similar model. Thickness in smartphone mode is one of the things Jony Ive will not let go.

In the meantime, here's a first concept clearly inspired by Samsung's latest n – the one that ratings 2000.

An iPhone X Fold

In less than two days, Roy Gilsing, an industrial designer, made an iPhone X Fold the request for Foldable News.

Not surprisingly, the remote control effect in smartphone mode is very present, just like the hinge a bit too broad. The rest is classic with an iPad Mini in tablet mode. Here's what to get an idea of ​​such an iPhone.

We hope that Apple is working on a more advanced model and the graphical interface will be the height, taking advantage of all possibilities.

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