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IPhone X explodes after iOS 12.1 update

An American user recently reported on his Twitter account that his iPhone X exploded just after installing the update iOS 12.1 on the latter. As with any such case, Apple launched an investigation to determine the cause.

The iPhone X started to heat up and exploded during the update to iOS 12.1. What is happening here ? “Astonished Rahel Mohamad in his message posted on his Twitter profile. La Pomme immediately reacted to his tweet. ” This is obviously not a normal reaction “, Commented the American firm.

explosive iphone ios 12 600x300 - iPhone X explodes after iOS 12.1 update

The user explains that his iPhone was connected to the official charger provided by Apple, with the cable and the brand’s AC adapter. ” IPhone X was in the process of upgrading to iOS 12.1 when dark gray smoke started to emanate from the phone »Specifies the user. ” When I took the smartphone, it was very hot so I put it down immediately (…). The update finished and as soon as the phone turned on, he started to smoke more and catch fire He continues.

The Apple brand asked the user to send the remaining debris to them to find out the causes of its explosion. Note that the Cupertino company has made no official statement on this subject, which suggests that this is an extremely isolated case.