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iPhone X: delay caused by 3D sensors

iphone x haut ecran - iPhone X : un retard causé par les capteurs 3D

iphone x haut ecran - iPhone X : un retard causé par les capteurs 3D

IPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus andiPhone X were unveiled at the same time during the September 12 keynote. If the first two have been available for sale for a few days, the tenth anniversary iPhone has however fallen behind. On this subject, the Wall street journal recently shared some details explaining the causes for this delayed launch.

iphone x high screen - iPhone X: a delay caused by 3D sensorsThe problem would be at the level of the 3D sensors which currently bear the code names of ” Romeo “And” Juliet ” The first refers to the point projector will have to diffuse more than 30,000 invisible points on the face of the user. This will help to realize a mapping of the face and thus allow the facial recognition (Face ID) of the user using an infrared sensor, which is here called “Juliet”.

If the production of the “Juliet” module did not really cause concern for the Californian giant, this is not the case for the “Romeo” module. Indeed, it would seem that the production of the latter takes more time than expected, which forces Apple to postpone the launch date since the two modules work together. In any case, it is very likely that the stock of iPhone X will be limited this year.