iPhone X: 57% of future buyers will choose a 256 GB model

iphone x 256 go 1329 euros - iPhone X : 57% des futurs acheteurs choisiront un modèle 256 Go

According to a recent survey by RBC Capital Markets, theiPhone X with 256 GB of internal memory is the most popular version among future buyers of Apple smartphones.

Of the 832 people questioned, 28% said they plan to buy an iPhone X as their next phone. 20% of respondents said they intended to acquire an iPhone 8 Plus, and 17% opted for an iPhone 8. The remaining 35% plan to buy an older model, ranging from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 Plus.

iphone x 256 GB 1329 euros - iPhone X: 57% of future buyers will choose a 256 GB model

RBC Capital Markets said that 43% of potential buyers interested in an iPhone of 2017 want an iPhone X, while 32% favor the iPhone 8 Plus. In addition, 57% of respondents who plan to buy an iPhone X will opt for the 256 GB model, which costs $ 1,149 in the United States (€ 1,329 in France). 43% said they preferred the 64 GB model to $ 999 (€ 1,159 in France). In comparison, 50% of respondents last year opted for the iPhone 7 128 GB, the intermediate level between 32 GB and 256 GB.

“Why buy an iPhone X?”

At the question : “Why do you want to buy an iPhone X?”Asked by RBC Capital Markets to 4,196 people, 46% said wireless charging was the most attractive feature of the smartphone. Then come Face ID facial recognition (24%), the new design (14%), and AR / VR functionality (9%).

Generally, RBC Capital Markets Expect strong demand for iPhone X, which should increase the average selling price of Apple iPhones overall. The investment bank remains optimistic about Apple’s AAPL share, with a target of $ 180. As a reminder, pre-orders for the iPhone X will start on Friday October 27, and the device will be launched on Friday November 3.