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IPhone warranty: abusive claim charges

IPhone warranty: abusive claim charges

Some resellers of Mobistar Centers signs claim fees from their customers who bring their iPhone back to them under warranty. A non-regulatory procedure according to our information.

Marketed since the end of October in Belgium, the iPhone 4S continues to arouse lust. While the first copies were already sold in large numbers in our cons and were able to delight the most impatient, a minority of them were nevertheless found to have to return their device due to failure. This is particularly the case for one of our internet users, Patrick, who explains to us that he had received a defective device.

“I noticed that the Wi-Fi functionality was defective on my new iPhone 4S, so I decided to bring it directly to the store” explains Patrick.

Fortunately for him, the warranty on the device has just started, so he decided to take advantage of it immediately! However, Patrick explains to us that he bought his iPhone 4S, the first day of its availability in Belgium, in a Mobistar Center located in Waterloo. Living in the Marche-en-Famenne region, the latter had the reflex to deposit his device in Mobistar Center of this city to save time. Badly he took it, arrived on the spot, Patrick is confronted with a surprise not particularly agreeable: the grantor of the brand claims him 15 of expenses of file but the repair, it, is well planned to be taken in guarantee and not would not be billed, reports our internet user who quotes the merchant's claims. "Even if the amount is not standard, I was dismayed by the principle of having to pay to assert my warranty right"explains Patrick. “So I refused to have it repaired by going through this sign”, he tells us, adding that the grantor told him that the procedure was similar in any store in the group.

Contact by us, Mobistar spokesperson, Mathieu Van Overstraeten, confirms that there is no need to pay these 15. “No administrative fees are claimed to use the warranty valid for two years on this type of device”, he confirms. the question of whether Mobistar intends to take measures so that the official warranty procedure can be respected by franchised brands, the answer is yes. "We will take the necessary measures when faced with this type of situation", concludes Mr. Van Overstraeten.

IPhone 4S users, here you are informed: refuse to pay handling fees if you have to bring your device as a guarantee.

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