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IPhone V3 launch date?

Now 5 days from the keynote, rumors are getting more and more around the iPhone V3 which would be announced during this event. Once the new device is announced, all that remains is to wait for its availability. Are we going to witness a massive launch as was the case last year with the launch of the iPhone 3G or a launch that will be done country by country.

The question remains. Regarding a launch date, some dates are already mentioned. Initially, July 17 would be set for a global launch. Some sources have indicated that the launch will be scheduled shortly after Monday's keynote. The date of June 14 would also have been communicated, by the French operator SFR, one of his clients.

And on your side, the iPhone V3, do you want it immediately or do you still need to prepare your bank account? ;]

We discuss it on the forum.