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IPhone V3 fake contest: The results!

Three people had been nominated during our selection of members who had made the most beautiful fakes of the iPhone V3. They were members of the forum: Titan, Bnjbxl and Simdub.

Following this selection and for the sake of impartiality, we then asked you to choose your favorite iPhone V3 fake, through a vote that took place on the forum.

The results did not take too long and we can announce that the work of art by Simdub caught the attention of those who voted with a majority of 60% of the votes! The whole Belgium-iPhone team wishes to congratulate Simdub for his excellent work:

We are even entitled to the dream characteristics of the fake made:

– 10 Mga Pixel camera. – Camera equipped with a hidden flash behind the Apple logo that can be slid. – Camera also equipped with a 30X digital zoom and is capable of detecting faces. – iPhone equipped with '' A much more efficient Recording mode which records videos in Divx format. – A camera on the front panel for an audio-visual conversation. – A second microphone located next to the camera on the front panel to facilitate visual dialogues. A fingerprint reader. – a small touch screen that can display either shortcuts (as in the photo) or something else. – A small solar panel that would increase battery life (PS: I took over the 'idea of ​​my brother, who authorized me) .– Iphone equipped with a Divx player (and the sound controller on the second touch screen) .– Has a Micro SD card reader on the side. read any smart card (Credit card, identity card, ..). Very useful for contacts or online shopping sites.

We can however think that it is not tomorrow the day before that such an iPhone will be proposed to us but if that can give certain ideas to the designers …;)

Congratulations also BnjBxl who also won a huge number of votes, without forgetting Titan also did a great job!

Thanks also to everyone who participated as well as our partner Crazyphonic which offers the lots to the three nominees: two back-up batteries and a case.

We discuss it on the forum.

Discover the photos of the fake iPhone V3 of Simdub in the following.