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iPhone: users increasingly unfaithful (to Apple)

Apple drops the price of iPhone XS in China up to $ 250

iPhoneThis is a critical area that Apple is currently reaching: the loyalty rate of iPhone users is at the lowest since … 2011!

In any case, this is what BankMyCell, an online service for selling your phone and then buying a new one. When selling his iPhone, users look elsewhere and go to the competition, while Apple was justly renowned for this facility to keep its customers.

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BankMyCell sounds the alarm

The service has therefore published its study online by collecting user data and, amazement, the loyalty rate around the iPhone has dropped by 15.2% compared to March 2018.

For example, 26% of customers who sold their iPhone X went to the competition … A difference with resellers of the Samsung S9, which, 7.7%, bought an iPhone behind.

While the loyalty rate around the iPhone was 92% in 2017, we now see that it drops 73%: the lowest percentage since 2011 …

It remains to be seen whether the next iPhone will succeed in reversing the situation …