IPhone users are mostly Apple loyal

IPhone users are mostly Apple loyal

The smartphone market is booming, especially since Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007.

A recent investigation carried out by GfK shows that 56% of smartphone users will be loyal to their brand when purchasing their next smartphone.

What mainly motivates the choices are the features offered by them: Wi-Fi, GPS, high-definition camera and to a lesser extent, the manufacturer’s application online store.

The survey also shows that the operating system plays an important part in customer loyalty for the purchase of a next smartphone. It shows that 59% of iPhone users will remain loyal to Apple thanks to iOS against 21% for Microsoft with Windows Mobile.

Bulk, 35% of BlackBerry users will remain loyal to the brand thanks to the operating system on board RIM smartphones, 28% to the Androd operating system and 24% to the Symbian system installed in Nokia.

This survey was carried out on 2,653 people in Brazil, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, the United States and finally in China during the months of October and November 2010.

And you, will you stay loyal to Apple when buying your next smartphone? Are you satisfied with the iPhone?

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( Reuters )