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IPhone thief stops using Find My iPhone app

IPhone thief stops using Find My iPhone app

A man who had just robbed an iPhone thought he was getting away with it … until Los Angeles police got hold of it using a smartphone app to locate it.

Police were leaving after a woman told how an armed man had stolen her purse and her iPhone, police spokesperson Norma Eisenman said on Tuesday.

To find him, the police used the “Find my iPhone” application that the victim had taken care to install on his smartphone.

"Someone from the area then offered to help and allowed us to use his computer, allowing the police to locate the iPhone" in a district of Los Angeles, continued the spokeswoman. The police then went to the scene, some 6.5 km from the crime scene, and identified a man who matched the victim's description.

"The man was arrested and the police discovered an iPhone in his pocket"continued Ms. Eisenman. "They called the victim's number, the phone started ringing," confirming that it was the stolen iPhone.

The 34-year-old man was arrested for armed robbery, as well as a 21-year-old woman accused of concealment.

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(Source AFP.)