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IPhone thefts explode New York

IPhone thefts explode New York

The mayor of New York accuses the theft of the iPhone and iPad of distorting the city's criminal record. Without iDevices, the number of crimes would drop in the big apple.


The mayor of New York is angry. According to him, the thefts of iDevices would distort the statistics of the city of New York. The big apple has seen an increase in crimes of 3,484 cases during the holiday period. According to city officials, theft of the iPhone and iPad has jumped 3,890 cases. In other words, if the city did not take into account iDevices thefts, it would show positive results with fewer crimes compared to last year.

Michael Bloomberg, who has repeatedly tackled the iPhone, blaming him for the poor security outcomes in his city, points to Apple's products to explain the increase in crime in his city. A statement that has not gone unnoticed in the media, and which shows how smartphones and tablets have become objects of covetousness in today's society.

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(Source: 9to5mac)