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iPhone slows down: Apple agrees to pay up to $ 500 million

iPhone slows down: Apple agrees to pay up to $ 500 million

Apple has agreed to pay up to $ 500 million to owners of older iPhone models, who accuse the tech glove of orchestrating performance declines to entice users to buy newer models.

After two years of litigation and fierce struggle, the parties have reached an agreement“, Said a court in San Jos, California on Friday.

In December 2017, Apple apologized for deliberately slowing down some of its iPhones to compensate for the aging of their batteries and to prevent them from inadvertently turning off.

The group had none, however, any attempted obsolescence program.

We have never done, and never will do anything to intentionally shorten the lifespan of an Apple product or to reduce the quality of our products to bring about change“, Said the brand, the apple.

According to the tentative agreement reached on Friday, Apple will pay at least $ 310 million, and up to $ 500 million, to pay the plaintiffs' attorneys and compensate American iPhone owners (iPhone 6, 7 and SE series).

They will receive around $ 25 per smartphone purchased, depending on the number of people who will go to obtain this compensation. Lawyers are expected to recover more than $ 90 million.

Apple did not immediately respond to an AFP request.

In France, the American firm was sanctioned last month for not having warned that updates could slow down old iPhones.

She copied with a 25 million euro ($ 27.8 million) fine following an investigation that found "deceptive marketing practices by omission" but did not accept the charge of obsolescence.

Apple must also make amends by publishing for a month a press release on its site. “We are happy with this outcome“, Reacted the group which quickly thus a trial.

In the US case, the deal is expected to be approved at a hearing in early April.