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IPhone sales up in the last quarter of 2019

The Christmas holiday quarter benefited iPhone sales, which rose for the first time after four consecutive quarters of decline.

IPhone Sales

Apple has declared a profit from $ 55.96 billion thanks to the sale of iPhones in the last three months of the year. Tim Cook has commented on these numbers, speaking mainly of the great success of the iPhone 11. However, Apple has not released more information on the number of units sold.

According to Gartner’s data, Apple sold 69.5 million iPhones, compared to 64.5 million the same period a year earlier. In total, the company's market share reached 17.1% in the quarter, 0.2% lower than Samsung's. Considering all of 2019, Apple ranks third as the largest smartphone maker behind Samsung and Huawei.

Slightly lower prices for the iPhone 11 series, compared to the iPhone XR, and further price reductions for previous-generation iPhone models dampened demand and helped Apple take second place , said Annette Zimmermann vice-president at Gartner.

IPhone sales were particularly strong in China, where they increased 39% in the fourth quarter. Apple has also performed well in certain mature and developing markets, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil and India.

Gartner predicts an increase in new iPhone sales in the second half of the year, thanks to the launch of the first 5G models.