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iPhone: Qualcomm denies theft of Apple technology to patent it


Posted: March 7 2019
Updated: March 6, 2019

by Steve

If you read the site articles a bit World is Small, you are aware thatApple is currently opposed to its former modem supplier Qualcomm, at a trial event in San Diego, California. The two giants confront each other in effect for the alleged theft of patents: Qualcomm accuses Apple of having infringed three patents which allow: a smartphone to connect to the Internet as soon as it is turned on; applications to download data faster; and the iPhone to have more autonomy. Except that for the first, Apple counter-attacked and claims that it was Qualcomm which stole it.

apple qualcomm - iPhone: Qualcomm denies the theft of an Apple technology to patent it

This gruesome scenario was explained by Apple on the second day of the trial. The Cupertino company explained that the original idea came fromArjuna Siva, a former Apple employee who left in 2011. Apple and Qualcomm therefore worked, in parallel, on iPhone modems and Mr. Siva would have imagined the idea, but it was an employee of Qualcomm who patented it . And this, without quoting Arjuna Siva, who was however waiting for his share. ” Does Qualcomm believe it is important to extend credit when credit is due? Asked one of Apple’s lawyers.

Qualcomm, meanwhile, believes that Arjuna Siva did not contribute ” nothing at all In this feature. The testimony of the alleged inventor, who works today at Google, will take place this week. Apple obviously hopes that it will prove it right, even if it is with the Mountain View company…