IPhone passes X-ray at Foxconn

IPhone passes X-ray at Foxconn

To optimize the manufacturing quality of iOS devices, the Asian manufacturer Foxconn has decided to equip its assembly lines with X-ray machines.


Apple partner Foxconn has started deploying a considerable amount of X-ray machines on its assembly lines. The purpose of these machines is to be able to inspect and reduce the faults found on iOS devices. According to the site CNet, this type of machine began to appear mainly in the factories of Foxconn bases Shenzhen (south of China). These machines have been equipped with software whose algorithm checks the solder joints and printed circuit boards at a speed fast enough that the production line can continue to operate without wasting time.

According to the same source, these new installations aim to considerably reduce assembly errors and therefore to reduce the cost of labor which has increased in recent months. Indeed, being the subject of many criticisms of his working conditions, Foxconn recently decided to increase, by around 25%, the wages of his workers.

Foxconn, a subsidiary of the Asian industrial glove Hon Hai, is currently "the most important" partner for Apple in the production of devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and MacBook Pro computers.

In January, two American journalists (including one for the New York Times) had pretended that Apple contractors – including Foxconn – would employ as many as 20,000 children.

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(Source: CNet )