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iPhone OS 4.0: A new detection test …

Remember at the end of November, a prototype of the next iPhone (4th generation) had been detected San Fransico by PinchMedia. Indeed, an iPhone numrot 3.1 was observed in the logs of their servers through one of their software (iBart). This new iPhone should undoubtedly be "reviewed" at the hardware level and which says new hardware also says new OS which was once again detected this week by the same source and still by server logs.

Although this data could be faked, it seems very unlikely that this is the case. Even if Apple strategically applies absolute secrecy around the release of its new products, it goes without saying that the iPhone is more detectable in the sense that it is forced to connect to networks (GSM, Wi-Fi, Internet) and is therefore much more recognizable than a simple computer for example. Not to mention that Apple has no choice but to test its prototypes. And even if we learned that the iPhone 4G was in production recently and therefore finalized at the hardware level, the tests have not stopped continuing with regard to the new firmware that will integrate it: iPhone OS 4.0.

Little news in the end, but it's still nothing exciting to talk about the next generation of the iPhone and its new OS!

We discuss it on the forum.

(Via MacRumors)