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iPhone OS 3.1 approaching!

If you take the latest revelations from a representative of AT & T, the exclusive operator of the iPhone in the United States, there is no doubt that the new firmware "iPhone OS 3.1" is planned for September.

This new firmware should bring a lot of new features such as the possibility for developers to access the video API, which should allow a multitude of new applications based on augmented reality.

Finally, we also mention the possibility of transferring files via bluetooth without going through applications (available on the App Store or third parties) that already allow it.

Finally, AT&T operator customers will finally be able to take advantage of MMS! And yes, it's never too late …

It remains to be hoped that this firmware update will improve the performance of the battery which tends to drain +/- quickly if you believe the many testimonies of owners of the iPhone 3GS.

As a reminder, the latest beta version of iPhone OS 3.1 (3rd version) has been made available July 27.

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