IPhone offered to President Medvedev is said to be from the black market

IPhone offered to President Medvedev is said to be from the black market

The iPhone offered Wednesday to President Dmitry Medvedev (see our article of September 16) for his birthday by young admirers who are members of a group favorable to his election, is most likely a contraband product.


"The iPhone given to President Dmitry Medvedev on his birthday on Wednesday by young admirers belonging to a group favorable to his election is very likely a smuggled product", said a representative of the Apple brand in Russia on Thursday.

“On telephones introduced legally in Russia, the serial number ends with the letters RR / A”said AFP Loudmila Simouchina, head of press relations at an Apple store in central Moscow.

Gold, the telephone offered to the Russian president on Wednesday by five “Medvedev girls”, has a serial number ending with the letters ZA “Which are those of the models sold in Europe or in the United States, and it is therefore surely about a smuggled telephone”, said Ms. Simouchina.

"We are very tons and we are convinced that this is a mistake"said AFP Alissa Mecheriakova, one of five "Medvedev girls" who says she "bought" the device in a Moscow store.

Questioned by the Russian newspaper “Tvo Dien”, the shop in question admitted having obtained the telephone via a smuggled network.

“Nobody complains, it ultimately costs the customer less”said a store official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Worth 34,000 rubles (822 euros), this iPhone, dubbed “Dimaphone” because it was decorated with a portrait of Dmitri (diminutive Dima) Medvedev and a photo of the Kremlin, was ultimately not given to the president: an anti-corruption law prohibits senior officials from receiving gifts worth more than 3,000 rubles (71 euros).

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(Source: AFP)