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iPhone of 2019: the 3D Touch replaced by Haptic Touch?

Technology 3D Touch which detects the digital pressure exerted on the screen of theiPhone could be replaced by Haptic Touch already integrated intoiPhone XR.

Appeared withiPhone 6s in 2015, the system 3D Touch ofApple may well disappear. This is in any case what analysts at Barclays bank say who have met suppliers ofApple in Asia. The system 3D Touch which allows you to differentiate the pressure levels on the smartphone screen was used in particular to display shortcuts of an application, before opening it, by clicking on its icon. It could be set aside for the benefit of Haptic Touch.

Unlike its predecessor, Haptic Touch does not know how to differentiate the pressure levels achieved on the screen of theiPhone. If it only works by a long press on the screen, Haptic Touch does not depend on a dedicated component. Already available on iPhone XR, the digital device also includes a vibration of the Taptic Engine. Fewer features therefore (launch the camera from the locked screen for example), but more facilities to integrate it into theiPhone.

At WWDC in San Francisco on June 3, Apple has not announced that the functionality of 3D Touch and Haptic Touch. But the developers noticed that it was possible under iOS 13 beta to access the functions previously reserved for the 3D Touch on all devices not having the module…