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iPhone of 2019: a glimpse of the future smartphone with 3 photo sensors

The next generation of Apple smartphones should not be released until next September. Meanwhile, rumors regarding theiPhone of 2019 more and more people are circulating on the web every month.

Recently, OnLeaks shared a preview of the Cupertino firm’s next flagship phone. We can see three cameras forming a triangle, in the upper left corner, surmounted by a flash and a microphone. Note that iPhone XS and XS Max only have a double photo sensor placed horizontally.

Rendering iPhone 2019 Triple OnLeaks Photo Sensor - iPhone of 2019: an overview of the future smartphone with 3 photo sensors

According to Bloomberg, the additional lens is just a 3D distance sensor. This is a technology called ” Time of Flight Which measures the time taken for light to bounce off an object to create a three-dimensional representation. It also makes it possible to photograph in very low light thanks to the emission of laser pulses. La Pomme therefore wishes to insist even more on the possibility of taking beautiful photos with an iPhone.

Rendering iPhone 2019 Triple Photo Sensor OnLeaks 2 739x400 - iPhone of 2019: an overview of the future smartphone with 3 photo sensors

OnLeaks announced that this prototype is at the EVT stage (for Engineering Validation Test), a step during which the American brand verifies that the smartphone works as expected. It must then pass the DVT stages (Design Validation Test) and PVT (Production Validation Test), knowing that Apple could introduce changes before the 2019 iPhone official release.

As a reminder, OnLeaks had already unveiled with precision the design of the iPad Pro 2018, before its official presentation by the Apple.