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IPhone may soon be banned from sale in Iran

Apple Iran - Iran : l’iPhone pourrait bientôt être interdit à la vente

Apple Iran - Iran : l’iPhone pourrait bientôt être interdit à la vente

Those last weeks, Apple faces multiple pressures from the government of some countries. After the various prohibitions and requirements imposed by the Chinese authorities, it is now the turn of the Iranian government to tackle the Californian brand. According to information released by the agency Tasnim News, the latter could soon ban the sale ofiPhone in Iran if the apple company does not comply with the provisions of the law, particularly with regard to smuggling.

Apple Iran - Iran: iPhone may soon be banned from saleIndeed, the director of Iran’s anti-smuggling office clearly stated that “ If Apple does not officially register in Iran within the next few days, all iPhones will be banned from the market ” However, he explained that the bans only apply to iPhones that are still on sale when this new rule comes into force. Apple smartphones already sold will therefore not be impacted.

If such a measure has been taken, it is above all to better combat the phenomenon of smuggling which tends to prevail in certain territories of the country. The government wants to establish a new order and wants all mobile devices to be registered in the country’s telecommunications database. If Apple wants to continue selling its iPhone there, it will have to align itself with these new rules and register as soon as possible.