iPhone / iPad: PopCorn Time returns to iOS without jailbreak

iPhone / iPad: PopCorn Time returns to iOS without jailbreak

Image 1: iPhone / iPad: PopCorn Time returns to iOS without jailbreak

Pirate version of Netflix or CanalPlay, the open source project Popcorn Time is enjoying great success on Windows, Mac and Android. On iOS, its use is more complex since you have to jailbreak your device to take advantage of it. A problem that its publisher is about to remove by launching version 1.2 beta of its application which can run on a Unmodified iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Until then, only owners of jailbroken iDevices could claim the use of PopCorn Time by downloading its application via Cydia, an alternative application store.

Available tomorrow

No, Apple did not accept the Popcorn Time app in its AppStore. Its developers have simply developed a technique to bypass iOS security and install their application without going through the official store.

PopCorn Time version 1.2 beta for iOS“Is ready soon”, can we read on the website popcorn-time.se. For its part, the TorrentFreak site, which relays the information, indicates that it will be published tomorrow, day of the first anniversary of the PopCorn Time project.Image 2: iPhone / iPad: PopCorn Time returns to iOS without jailbreakTo install PopCorn Time for iOS, the user will need to download the application to their computer and then connect their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to it. The rest of the operation will be carried out from the PC following the program instructions.

Apple will react

This iOS application is compatible with Chromecast and Apple TV. The intention of its developers is to “Fight against the closed ecosystem that Apple has created which chooses for us what we can and cannot install on devices that we paid dearly”, as reported by TorrentFreak.

Open source, PopCorn Time should also allow other developers to adapt their unsuitable applications to the AppStore.

We bet that Apple will not see this new assault on its operating system very well. Cupertino will certainly do everything to block the actions of PopCorn Time via an upcoming update to iOS, as it has already done to break the DateTrcick, flaw that allowed to install non-validated applications, like the excellent GBA4iOS emulator.