iPhone, iPad, Mac & iPod: what renewal frequencies?

iPhone Mac TV iPod renouvellement - iPhone, iPad, Mac & iPod : quelles fréquences de renouvellement ?


Posted: March 23 2014
Updated: May 11, 2017

by Youssouf

According to a report Consumer Research Partners, which interviewed 2,000 American customers who bought a iPhone, iPad or Mac in 2013 smartphone users Apple tend to change more regularly than those with the firm’s tablet, music player or computer.

iPhone Mac TV iPod renewal - iPhone, iPad, Mac & iPod: what renewal frequencies?Thus, we learn that iPhone owners change phones every two years on average, which coincides with the commitment period of most operator plans. As for the iPad, renewal habits are closer to those of Macs, with two to four years. This is because Apple is putting more energy into trying to surprise its fans with the iPhone.

On the side ofiPod, the change is done every three to five years, the main reasons being the loss, breakage, or obsolescence of the OS. Finally, on the television side, changes are made on average every 5 to 10 years for reasons of quality (HD, 4K …) or increase in household members.