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iPhone: Hyphen, the new bug that is triggered via Siri

Once is not custom, the iPhone have been experiencing a brand new bug recently. After the fault Facetime of the last few weeks or the Indian character of February 2018, now is the time to Hyphen (or “tiret”, in French)! Rest assured, the bug is not a big problem, does not paralyze your iPhone or erase your data. Especially since it only affects iPhone in English. However, it has the merit of existing.

iphone xr - iPhone: Hyphen, the new bug that is triggered via Siri

For any user of an iPhone in English, he just needs to dictate the word “Hyphen” five times to the voice assistant Siri to crash the home screeniOS. You will see the bug in the video, which we post to you below. It only takes a few seconds for the operating system toApple is operational again. For now, the origin of this bug is still unknown.

The apple brand said it is already working to resolve the flaw. The company should be fixed by the next version of iOS, in a few weeks. The peripherals concerned by Hyphen are the following: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Max, iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone XS Max which have iOS 12. Again , if you are affected by the bug, do not worry: it does not in any way endanger your phone.