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iPhone Fold: the most beautiful concept of foldable iPhone

iPhone Fold: the most beautiful concept of foldable iPhone

iphone xiii iphone 13If Apple does prepare a foldable iPhone as evidenced by the latest rumors, designer Semin Jun has certainly produced the most beautiful concept of its kind.

Shortly after the Galaxy Fold was announced, we saw several concepts adapted to the iPhone (see iPhone X Fold 1 and iPhone X Fold 2). This one, call iPhone Fold, follows the same logic but a more successful and better mastered achievement.

iphone fold concept open backfoldable iphone conceptiphone fold open concept

A high-quality foldable iPhone that could inspire Apple

Unsurprisingly, we find ourselves facing a fairly thick iPhone, but the aesthetics work. For this, the designer has imagined a new scratch-resistant coating which would be stainless steel covered with a coating of crystal. At the back, we would find a triple vertical sensor (lighter than the square block of the iPhone XI) and an apple. The logo would light up when you open the iPhone Fold like a Macbook before. For the photo part, we would have a main 16 mp sensor, another 12 Mp for the zoom and a last 12 mp for the super wide angle.

At the front, we find the OLED screen of 6.5 inches Super Retina HD which can reach here 8.3 inches when the iPhone is unfolded. The latter is compatible with the Apple Pencil 3 which would be offered in black. It would be magnetic like the second model and would thus hang on the flat edge of the foldable iPhone. It would be recharged at the same time.

Still on the front, the foldable iPhone would be a dual 10 and 8 Mp photo lens. One is for Face ID, the other is for zooming, macro mode. The sensors are hidden under the slab, allowing a total notch in normal use. Even the speakers are hidden.

Such an iPhone could change the most refractory minds, especially since it is not very thick with 1.08 cm. The other dimensions are 16 cm high and 8.46 cm wide.

Finally, here is a video of the designer's work:

It is hoped that Apple is working on a model at least as successful and that the user interface will be up to the task, taking advantage of all the possibilities of this type of hybrid device. Is it with the iPhone XI, the iPhone XII or the iPhone XIII? With Apple, nothing is less certain …