iPhone dsimlock on sale in Canada

iphone.jpg$ 1,500 Canadian. This is what it costs to get hold of a cracked Apple iPhone that can work on Canadian networks. The website puremobile.ca, an American online company, has been offering the 8 GB model of Apple's coveted phone for a few days. However, you will have to pay an additional $ 150 to qualify for a 2-year puremobile warranty, since Apple's warranty is not valid on pirate phones.

The iPhone page features a video of the unlocked phone in action on the Canadian network. Everything seems to be working (at least on the surface. But I will be happy to test it for you if you have $ 1,500 too much!), Even the Canadian operator logo appears on the phone screen. However, you will not need to update the firmware of the telephone, since this could relock your phone.

When will a solution unlock the sale in Belgium? 😉