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IPhone designer Jony Ive “disappointed” by Tim Cook


Posted: July 1 2019
Updated: July 1, 2019

by Steve

As you learned about World is Small a few hours ago, Jony Ive, who was in charge of the design of iPhone until today, and joined the apple brand in 1992, will leave Apple in a few months to create his own design studio. And if the apple company plans “exclusive” collaborations with this firm, proof of the good agreement between Apple and Jony Ive, it would seem that life is not so rosy.

Behind the information, the Wall street journal, which confirms that Bloomberg unveiled a few days ago. Jony Ive is actually no longer really active at Apple since 2015, the year of the launch of the Apple Watch. And above all, Jony Ive would be “disappointed”, according to the newspaper, the lack of interest of Tim Cook in the design of Apple products. An understandable criticism if this lack of interest was true, since the apple firm stands out on the market for products with a premium look.

Tim Cook is then presented as a person involved in the product development process. After the keynotes, and while journalists are testing the iPhone and other iPads, Tim Cook, who is also trying his hand at the products, always seems to discover the devices presented, as if he were seeing them for the first time. Jony Ive would also be frustrated with the presence of members on Apple’s board of directors who have nothing to do with the branding sector, and that he disagreed with certain company executives because he wanted Apple Watch should be seen as a fashion accessory.