The sale of iPhone finally on the rise in China?

IPhone demand to remain high in China

iphone x 2017 icon IPhone sales will collapse in China, said some citizens under the effect of the anti-Huawei measures decided by Donald Trump.

But against all odds, it could be the opposite that is happening with high demand for the Apple iPhone.

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Increasing iPhone demand in China

A study on the part of Bank of America Merrill Lynch shows that 194,000 smartphone users in China, the United States, India and the United Kingdom were asked about the choice of their next smartphone. Overall the purchase intention of iPhone goes up 30% in May, against 29% in April. No significant impact can be measured on iPhone demand, according to analyst Wamsi Mohan. As for Huawei, the intention to buy its smartphones has dropped in China, from 28% in April to 25% in May!

Please note that the intention to purchase does not automatically translate into an actual purchase. It is equally clear that iPhone sales have sharply declined in China for 2 quarters (from 15 to 20%), but this decline had started 6 months before the decree of Donal Trump, and sales forecasts do not show any worsening of this trend. from Huawei's commercial ban.

Do you think diPhone demand will remain strong with future iPhone 11?