IPhone could be unlocked without jailbreak

IPhone could be unlocked without jailbreak

The information is not yet confirmed, but it may delight people who bought an iPhone in the United States blocked on the AT&T network: a hacker belonging to the ChronicDevTeam apparently would have discovered a method to unlock an iPhone 3GS, 4 or 4S without going through its operator or a jailbreak method.

The procedure here is relatively simpler even if it requires a succession of several steps. In particular, it would have been successfully tested with a customer of the operator T-Mobile USA.

Here is what would be the steps to unlock the iPhone models created:

– Insert the original SIM card (AT&T). – Dial 611 (AT&T customer service call number) and hang up immediately after – Activate Airplane mode. – Take out the AT & T SIM card. – Insert that of your operator. -you're not connected to Wi-Fi even “forget the network” on which you are. – Deactivate the airplane mode, the iPhone will search for the network and give the impression of restarting. – You will see a window appear with inside “Activation required” .– The EDGE network will activate .– Wait around thirty seconds, turn off your iPhone.– Switch on the mobile and you will again see a window appear with “Activation required” .– When a bar in the GSM signal is visible, choose in the configuration (the configuration menu of the phone launches again) use the cellular network. – eject the SIM card. The window "activation required" will appear again. Insert the card again SIM.– If the procedure s is droule, your iPhone should connect your operator!

At this time, we do not know if this method works. Anyway, if it works and you are going to restore your device, it will be necessary to start the whole procedure again. Finally, it should be noted that dialing the number 611 (AT&T customer service) is likely to be problematic since this number is not accessible from Belgium.

If you have the opportunity to test the solution, don't hesitate to let us know if it works!

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(Source: 9to5mac )