iPhone blocked (error 53): Apple sued in Australia

apple australie - iPhone bloqué (erreur 53) : Apple poursuivie en Australie


Posted: April 6 2017
Updated: April 6, 2017

by benjamin

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has filed a complaint against Apple with the Federal Court. She criticizes the Cupertino brand for having disabled iPhone repaired by unauthorized third parties. ACCC’s action is aimed at updating iOS which led to messages ” Error 53 On these terminals.

The complaint states that Apple made hundreds of smartphones inoperative with a software update last February. Many users ended up with blocked devices and this famous “Error 53”, and the Californian firm refused to repair them on the pretext that the screen and the Touch ID had undergone unauthorized repairs.

apple australia - iPhone blocked (error 53): Apple sued in AustraliaFor ACCC, Apple’s actions are in contradiction with Australian consumer law, under which consumers are entitled to certain product warranties free of charge.

Denying a consumer warranty rights, simply because they have chosen a third-party repairer, not only influences that, but it can also deter others from making more informed decisions about their repair options, including when these can be offered at a lower cost Says the director of the Australian commission. ACCC calls for sanctions and financial compensation from Apple.