IPhone banned from staying in Syria

IPhone banned from staying in Syria

While the repression in Syria has already killed more than 4,000 people according to the UN, the governance of the country is taking more measures against any leak via new technologies, and the iPhone, with its multi-functions, is particularly targeted by authorities.


The Syrian government has banned the use of the iPhone in its country. In question, the revolt put in place and which uses the smartphone pomm in order to report live the violence which is taking place in the critical areas of the country.

The information comes from the customs department, attached to the Minister of Finance. “The government announces a ban on the use of the iPhone in Syria from today”, such is the brief press release from the authorities of the country in crisis.

We must also deplore the fact that the leaders have also prohibited any presence of foreign journalists in the country.

Finally, the other smartphones on the market are not part of these drastic measures, for the moment; but let's hope that a favorable outcome may emerge in the next few days.

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