IPhone banned from sale in Brazil and Argentina

IPhone banned from sale in Brazil and Argentina

Bad news for fans, in particular of the apple brand products in Brazil and Argentina. These two countries have recently introduced a series of protectionist laws to slow inflation and stabilize the dollar and local currency, thus squeezing out any surplus production.

These new measures now prevent the marketing of products from companies that are not established in these countries. Affected companies are, for example, Apple and RIM who do not currently have certification to sell in these countries.

For Brazil and Argentina, the rule is now very simple: product certification can be obtained from the moment they are produced on their territory.

Some companies like Alcatel, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and ZTE, aware that such measures would land sooner or later, had already made their arrangements by setting up their subsidiary in Brazil or Argentina. If RIM seems to be looking for a partner to obtain its certification without wasting too much time, Apple, it will open in September – through Foxconn – a new factory which will be devoted to the production of the iPad. The Cupertino company will therefore now be forced to find a parade to offer its flagship product in these countries.

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(Via BlackBerry Italia )