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iPhone: apps record your screen and collect data without your knowledge

Big Brother is watching you ! We will spare you the references to the novel 1984, who scour the net as soon as the subject of technology comes up on the table. But this is hardly an exaggeration: according to the site TechCrunch, some applications iOS record what they see on your screen without asking you for any authorization.

Among them ? Air Canada, Hollister, Expedia, Abercrombie & Fitch,, Singapore airlines… Each of these applications go through the same customer experience analysis company, namely Glassbox. Glassbox allows developers of these applications to use a technology called ” Replay session ” In other words, the developers have the possibility of recording the screens of the users of the application, and of reviewing the images in order to better analyze the behavior of their customers, or to check if any error has occurred.

applications - iPhone: apps record your screen and collect data without your knowledge

While most companies have privacy policies, some apps fail to hide their users’ data. This is the case of Air Canada, in particular, which does not hide personal data and technically lets passport and credit card numbers see the employees of the brand responsible for ” Replay session

If Glassbox is implicated here, many other firms work in the same field of activity. Without our knowledge therefore, hundreds of applications could have access to your bank details or personal information. Technological advances are not necessarily all good…