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iPhone: Apple announces lower prices in some countries

Apple smartphones may be the best models on the market, but not everyone is given one. The latest iPhone,iPhone XS, costs at least 1155 €, naked and without package! And to get theiPhone 7, 3 years old, you still have to pay no less than € 529…

It’s too expensive, you say? Rest assured, you are not the only ones to say so. There are even so many of you that the Californian company has seen a sharp drop in profits on its iPhone sales. While the forecasts for the end of 2018 projected a turnover of between 89 and 93 billion dollars, the Cupertino company made “only” 84.3 billion dollars. A decrease of $ 9.12 billion (-15%) compared to the last quarter of 2017.

iPhone X Apple logo - iPhone: Apple announces lower prices in some countries

Apple chief executive Tim Cook explains the decline by the high price of its products. In France, China or elsewhere, the price of iPhone, iPad and the like is set according to the American tariff. Thus, $ 1 equals € 1 for Apple. However, according to current conversion rates, $ 1 = € 0.87. And in France, the application of VAT makes prices explode. Apple seems to have finally realized this via the word of its CEO.

We have decided to return to prices more in line with local prices, in the hope of boosting sales in these regions. “, Therefore declared Tim cook, the CEO of Apple. If the leader does not specify the countries which will be concerned, hope is allowed.