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iPhone: Apple accused of overestimating battery life


Posted: May 6, 2019
Updated: May 16, 2019

by Lucie

Apple is accused by the consumer association Which? (United Kingdom) to market iPhone half as independent as advertised.

51%: this is the percentage of overestimation of the battery life of some iPhone. The Cupertino company would greatly increase its actual performance, including the efficiency of theiPhone XR. Which? are final: on nine tested apple smartphones, no battery shows measurements in line with those expected. Results ranging from 18% to 51%, the worst example of which isiPhone XR with 16 hours and 32 minutes of autonomy against 25 hours depending Apple.

IPhone batteries - iPhone: Apple accused of overestimating battery life

The main interested party also defended himself, saying: ” We rigorously test our products and guarantee our affirmations for autonomy. Thanks to tight integration between hardware and software,iPhone is designed to intelligently manage power consumption to maximize battery life. Our test method reflects this intelligence. Which? has not shared its methodology with us and therefore cannot compare their results to ours. We share our test methodology which we publish in detail here

Conversely, Samsung, Sony and Nokia would underestimate the capabilities of their smartphones. Second dunce in the matter, Htc replied: ” In Htc, we diligently test all aspects of product performance. Differences in configuration and test environments may cause variations from the figures shown for call time