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iPhone: an iris scanner on Apple smartphones from 2018?

iphone scanneur iris - iPhone : un scanner d?iris sur les smartphones Apple dès 2018 ?


Posted: July 26 2016
Updated: July 26, 2016

by benjamin

We all already know that Samsung is the main rival ofApple on the smartphone market. Like the Cupertino company, the Korean giant also has many advantages and also demonstrates an excellent capacity for innovation.

Moreover, Samsung intends to show it by offering next year a foldable phone and for 2016 a phablet with an iris scanner (Galaxy Note 7). Regarding this last point, Apple would also like to equip its iPhone with such technology, but it would not arrive for several years.

iphone iris scanner - iPhone: an iris scanner on Apple smartphones from 2018?According to information recently released by Digitimes, Apple intends to integrate an iris scanner into its iPhone from 2018. It will therefore take another two years. As a reminder, this technology is presented as a complement to the fingerprint sensor. Thanks to the scanner, the user will just have to look at their smartphone for it to unlock. Comfort and practicality will be there, while securing personal data.

Although the iPhone 7S / 8 of 2017 is announced as the one that will come with the greatest number of changes and novelties, this phone will not integrate this type of scanner. However, it is quite possible that Apple is already working on it in secret and is offering an iris scanner sooner than expected.