iPhone: after the charger, Apple would also abandon the Lightning cable included in the box

Apple is considering ditching the USB-C to Lightning cable included in the iPhone box. After removing the charger and the wired EarPods headphones, the Cupertino company could go even further from next year with the future iPhone 13.

test apple iphone 12 mini cable lightning

In October, Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 12. This year, the Californian firm does not include a mains charger in the box of smartphones. The power supply unit is sold separately on the Apple Store. In most countries, with the exception of France, Apple is also ignoring wired EarPods headphones. To justify its decision, the American giant mentions ecological concerns. By reducing the size of the boxes, Apple saves on large-scale transport and ultimately reduces its carbon footprint.

Despite the outcry over the change, Apple is considering the idea of no longer provide a USB-C to Lightning charging cable in the box of future iPhones. Currently, this is the only accessory left in the iPhone 12 box.

Apple poll teases abandonment of charging cable in the box

In early December, Apple sent a survey to its customers, report our colleagues at 9To5Mac. Several users of an iPhone 12 received a questionnaire that focuses on their use of accessories included in the box. Apple asks which accessories are used the most. The firm leaves the choice between the Apple sticker in the shape of a bitten apple, the extractor for the drawer of the SIM card and finally the Lightning to USB-C cable.

Remember: Apple had already sent out a similar survey to users several months before the iPhone 12 was released. The survey looked at the use of the charger that came in the box. Based on the opinions gathered, Apple estimated that the AC adapter was no longer essential. According to the brand, most buyers already have a charger in a drawer at home. If the survey results show that the Lightning cable is largely shunned, and replaced by a QI wireless charging pad or a MagSafe charger for example, Apple may well exclude it from the iPhone 13 box. We’ll tell you more as soon as possible. While waiting for more information, feel free to give your opinion in the comments below.

Source: 9to5Mac