iPhone: a replacement every 4 years?

iPhone: a replacement every 4 years?

iPhoneIt is interesting to follow the evolution of the iPhone as and when years: not only in terms of new and hardware addition, but also in terms of fidelity and renewal of the device.

Each year, we find a study to know the average duration of a device in the hands of his acquirer. In 2014, for example, an iPhone buyer only kept it for two years.

This figure then changed around 2017, rising to 3 years, thanks in particular to better performances and less and less attractive improvements. But what about today?

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Users would keep their iPhone for 4 years

It is the analyst Toni Sacconaghi who publishes his report on the iPhone and the duration of renewal of the device, suggesting that the latter would reach four years.

This trend not to change would partly explain the shape Apple knows in terms of sales of its smartphones, leaving predict better performance for the coming year.

This increase in the period would be due to the abolition of the 24 months of engagement with most telephone operators.