iPhone: a model with an LCD screen larger than 6 inches in 2018?

iphone 8 8 plus x - iPhone : un modèle avec un écran LCD supérieur à 6 pouces en 2018 ?

In 2018, Apple would consider retaining technology LCD for the screen of one of his smartphones. A slab larger than 6 inches could also be used.

IPhone X is the first Apple phone to display a screen this year OLED. The latter occupies almost the entire surface of the front part. The device has very thin borders and no longer has a Home button. At the top of the screen, a notch supports the front camera and the speaker.

It was thus thought that from 2018, Apple would abandon the LCD in favor of OLED for all of its phones. It would seem that not: the Cupertino company would prepare a new device with a classic slab.

iphone 8 8 plus x - iPhone: a model with an LCD screen larger than 6 inches in 2018?South Korean media The bell says the US tech giant is planning to release an iPhone with a 6-inch LCD screen for 2018. The newspaper relies on suppliers of the apple brand to advance this. In addition to this model, Apple would offer two others with 5.85 and 6.46 inch OLED screens.

Why launch an iPhone LCD in 2018? The American giant would not want to depend too much on its main competitor in the smartphone market, Samsung. The latter is the leading manufacturer of OLED panels and the sole supplier to Apple for this component.