IPhone 9 postponed due to coronavirus

Totallee Coque iPhone 9 - iPhone 9 : des coques dévoilées avant son annonce


Posted: March 12 2020Updated: March 12, 2020

by Steve

We talked about it a lot here on World is Small. The apple brand had indeed planned a new iPhone SE, more commonly called iPhone 9. This cheap phone was supposed to cost around 400 dollars and especially adopt the design of the iPhone 8, but with the powerful guts of the iPhone 11, and therefore the latest chipApple. To announce this new phone, Apple had planned a keynote in March. Bad luck, the coronavirus is rampant and worries the markets around the world. The Californian firm would have postponed this keynote because of the half-mast production, according to the Cult of Mac site.

Totallee iPhone 9 Case - iPhone 9 postponed due to coronavirus

But above all, Apple would be very worried about bringing hundreds of journalists and other influencers to Apple Park to hold its keynote. And not also certain that Trump would have allowed this, following his announcement to suspend all flights to and from Europe. It is also impossible to keep enough distance between each person, and the county of Santa Clara has made the decision to ban the meetings of more than 1000 people.

As a reminder, the keynote was to be held on March 31, according to various rumors. Apple is experiencing major production problems for two products in particular, namely the iPhone 9 and the new iPad Pro. It is entirely possible that the iPhone 12 will be pushed back. To see on what date will take place this long-awaited keynote.