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iPhone 8: wireless charging won’t be long range

Matteo Gentile iphone 8 concept 15 1024x576 - iPhone 8 : la recharge sans fil ne sera pas longue portée

Matteo Gentile iphone 8 concept 15 1024x576 - iPhone 8 : la recharge sans fil ne sera pas longue portée

At the beginning of the week, many rumors about the technical characteristics and the appearance of the future iPhone 8 have appeared in various reports on the web. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo talked about a revolutionary 3D front camera. For its part, TrendForce has published details concerning the internal and living memory of the smartphone (read: iPhone 8: 3GB of RAM, 256 GB version, no curved screen?). Now a brand new report covers another key feature of the next flagship Apple.

Recorded by Apple Insider, a new research note from Timothy Arcuri (Cowen and Company) states that the iPhone 8 will indeed be compatible with wireless charging. However, the solution will not be as exciting as announced by the corridor noises. Last year, several reports indicated that the iPhone 8 would offer long-range wireless charging developed by Energous. The company’s solution makes it possible to recharge a smartphone from several meters, without requiring physical contact between the device and the loading blog.

Matteo Gentile iphone 8 concept 15 1024x576 - iPhone 8: wireless charging will not be long rangeInstead, Arcuri ensures that the phone will support the protocols Qi or Airfuel. The first requires physical contact between the charging station and the iPhone, while the Airfuel method has a little more range but must always be very close to the charging block. The analyst said that the chipsets existing devices already supported both wireless charging methods, and this from the Galaxy S6 at Samsung.

Energous technology should therefore not be present on the iPhone 8 of 2017. As indicated Apple Insider, WattUp needs (among other things) a radio frequency of 5 GHz to charge devices at longer distances, but the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has so far approved only a version with low power a few centimeters. Energous has nevertheless stated that its longer range technology is expected to hit the market within the next year.